Sunset Palms Designs, LLC   

  Outdoor furniture for your leisure side of life - 

Handcrafted Cedar and/or Cypress custom soap dishes. These oil rubbed soap dishes will keep your handcrafted soaps such as lasting longer.

All natural Cedar in a clear Outdoor Polyurethane sealer. This BBQ caddie, either free standing or wall mounted, will hold all your BBQ utensils, spices and with the top shelf, it can hold your plates, drinks and more.

These beer caddies and hold and carry a six pack of your favorite brew, water or soft drinks. We can install either an antique looking bottle opener or stainless steel.

First clear coat layer applied. Now I gotta sand and apply again and again.

 This chair is called "The Wave". Cypress wood.

A small table that can be used for either eating at or playing cards or whatever other idea you may have for it.

Wine box serving tray. The floor is from a wine box and the sides are cedar. Ordered some rustic vintage rusted iron handles. Glue drying, waiting to be stained and sealed.

Left image: before Mineral Oil rubbed

Below: After Mineral Oil rubbed

Pallet wooden box and wall art.

Finished flag...please visit products for sale.

The Rustic Movement:

Lately I have been venturing into pallet wood furniture, accessories and wall art. Lots of wall art. and almost anything can be built from pallet wood. It's is usually cedar or a hardwood. This seems to be growing crave now. Old and Rustic looking.

Tea Light candle holder and larger hanging or table top candle holder

Simple Garden Bench

Materials: Cypress wood

Wood Pallet Wall Shelf

Pallet Wood Cocktail Table with 2 matching Bar Stools

A Cypress table with red cedar inlay at the ends and stripes in the table top.

Display and tasting table for Venetian Coffee Roasters in Venice, FL with pallet wood and also display pallet shelves.

Here is the making of a "Door Hall Tree"

First: you need a door

then you lightly sand it to expose some of the wood grain. Then stain it and then apply your paint (s)

I chose an aqua blue/green and a grey white for accent. Then build a box for storage and seating and finally accessorize it with a shelf, hooks and stuff.

Door Hall Trees are a great addition to the entry way in a home.

It's a great place to put your shoes, jackets, purses, umbrellas etc...

Any d├ęcor can be used to enhance the look of it and it's versatile for any type of storage. The box can be used as a seat or a storage bin with a basket inside for dog toys, dirty/muddy shoes or anything to your imagination.

These are my (Stout) garden chairs. They are made from Western Red Cedar. These are slightly oversized for comfort. They have a contoured seat for added comfort and a slight back lean on the back rest. The arm rests are Adirondack style for roominess, comfort, and ample room to support your coffee, drink or plate.

The small tables in photo are also Cedar and measure 17" x 17" x 17"...plenty of room for snacks and a pitcher of lemonade.

Completed chairs, tables and benches for another customer.

The same customer wanted me to build a replacement for this worn out double chair bench.

Here is the replacement bench made from Cedar and sealed with Parrafin Rosewood Oil.

Custom made Pine dining table and benches. This set will easily seat 8 - 10 people.