Sunset Palms Designs, LLC   

  Outdoor furniture for your leisure side of life - 

Ocio Del Sol, our new name for Custom Handmade Outdoor Wooden  Furniture

Welcome to Sunset Palms Designs and the newly introduced Ocio Del Sol. Handmade wooden outdoor furniture and accessories. I invite you to look around our website.  I make wooden outdoor furniture and accessories to go along with them. If you have something in mind, leave me a message so we can discuss it and maybe together we can come up with some ideas and create a special wooden furniture for you.

 Sunset Palms Designs is an LLC company and is dedicated to providing you with great outdoor wooden furniture for your leisure time. It's great to sit outdoors in a comfortable chair and enjoy the evening after a hard days work.

I make my wooden outdoor furniture comfortable for you to sit back and relax along with some of the accessories for entertaining such as: tables, serving trays, drink coasters and who knows what else I come up with.

I work out of St. Petersburg, FL and look forward to creating something for you.

Please feel free to contribute with my blog, testimonials, or just send me an e-mail with any ideas, comments or even complaints so that I may be able to enhance this web site and my products.

Ocio Del Sol means Leisure Sun in Spanish. Isn't that everyone wants in their life...some leisure time in the sun?

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